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Renewal Process


If the renewal date of your certificate with the SCRQSA - South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Association is  approaching. Please review your certification status and complete all required continuing education prior to the expiration date on your certificate.

For more information on continuing education requirements, Rules and Procedures, or applications for the limited exam, please visit our website at or contact our office at 803-771-6141 [877-771-6141].

If you currently possess a Permanent Certificate, you must return the attached renewal application, the recertification fee of $50, a copy of your national registry card [ARRT, NMTCB, ISCD, and RCIS] if applicable OR for Limited Certificate holders, include documentation of your continuing education certificates to receive your new certificate.

As we transition to online renewal, it is imperative that you provide us with a VALID E-mail Address. This E-mail address should be one that you check regularly.

If you currently possess a Temporary B Certificate or a Provisional Certificate, in order for us to process your renewal you must sit for and receive a satisfactory score on the appropriate certifying examination by the expiration date on your certificate in order to meet the qualifications for permanent certification. The application for all SCRQSA exams is available at You must return the attached renewal application, the recertification fee, and have satisfactory exam scores on file by the expiration date on your certificate to receive permanent certification.


Please find below helpful tips to follow when renewing your SCRQSA Certification.

  • Please type or print your name clearly on the recertification form.
  •  Please use your home mailing address and home phone or cell phone number.
  • Be sure to sign the application. Unsigned applications will be returned for our signature.
  • Be sure to check the appropriate category/categories (if applicable) for your renewal.
  • Please make a copy of your CURRENT ARRT, NMTCB, ISCD or RCIS registry card and include with your renewal application. Please do not submit your original card as it will not be returned.
  • If you are faxing your application, please copy your ARRT card onto a full sheet of paper. Faxing over the color copy distorts the card and make it illegible. The fax # is (803) 771-8048.
  • Applications can be sent via E-mail to However, please make sure to include your current credential card(s) (ARRT, NMTCB or RCIS) and/or copies of your CEs (whichever is required for your level of certification). 
  • Please do not send us a copy of the online verification form we need a copy of your card as it does not include your registry number. However, you can submit a CE confirmation letter from ARRT.
  • If you do not hold national registry/certification, please include copies of the appropriate number of continuing education certificates for your recertification.
  • All CEUs must have been taken within the last two years.
  • Please include a check, money order, certified check or credit card number for the application fee - $50.
  • Make a copy of the information submitted for your records.
  • All incomplete applications will be returned. Please double check that you have included the application, payment, current copy of your national registry card OR any CE information.
  • A late fee of $10 will be applied to any application received more than 30 days late or if you are seeking reinstatement of your certification.
  • Currently, the processing time can be up to 7-10 business days.
  • Please submit your renewal application no less than three (3) weeks before your expiration.
  • The online directory is updated every Friday.
  • Expedited late renewals will incur a $25 processing fee plus the applicable renewal fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Continuing Education (CE) & Recertification Requirements

Listed below are some FAQs regarding the CE requirements for SCRQSA recertification.

When does my CE biennium (2-year period) begin? Applicants who have passed their first certification exam (i.e. CLR-General exam) will begin the CE requirements two years from issuance of the certificate.

Can I use my CPR certification for CE? Yes, you will be awarded 3 CE credits per biennium for holding a valid CPR certification from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.

Where can I get CE? The SCRQSA accepts CE approved by the following organizations:

  • American College of Radiology
  • American Healthcare Radiology Administrators
  • American Society of Radiologic Technologists
  • Society of Nuclear Medicine - Technologists Sections
  • Society of Vascular Technology
  • International Society of Clinical Densitometry

The SCRQSA accepts CE relevant to the radiologic sciences profession approved by the following other organizations:

  • American Medical Association - Category 1
  • American Nurses Association - through the ANCC
  • SC Chiropractic Association
  • American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants
  • American Association of Medical Assistants

A list of online CE brokers can also be found on our website under the continuing education tab. Please note that all CEs must be ARRT Category A or Category A+.

Approved academic courses will be awarded CE credit at the rate of 12 CE credits for each academic quarter credit or 16 CE credits for each academic semester credit. Approved academic courses include a formal course of study relevant to the radiologic sciences and patient care and are offered by an accredited post-secondary educational institution in the biological, physical, radiologic, health and medical or social sciences; communication, mathematics, computers, management or education methodology. The following subjects may not be applicable: astronomy, fine arts, geology, geography, history, music and philosophy.

What happens to my certificate if I don’t have enough CE upon renewal? Certificants who apply for renewal but who fail to meet the CE requirements will be placed on CE probation status. Individuals who are on probation due to failure to meet the CE requirements or proof of ARRT standing will receive a certificate indicating CE probation. Certificants on CE probation may be removed from probation status by successfully completing CE credits. One half of the number of credits is required in a biennium plus the number of credits lacking from the previous biennium in order to be removed from probation status. Thus, if you hold a CLR-General certificate and submit only 10 hours of CE (12 hours required each biennium), you will need to submit, within one year of probation, 8 CE credits: 6 CE (1/2 the number of credits required per biennium) + 2 CE (number of CE credits lacking from previous biennium). In addition, the certificant must complete the total number of credits required by the end of the biennium to remain in compliance upon renewal.

What happens to my certificate if I don’t comply with the probation status? If a certificant placed on CE probation does not comply with the probation status within one year, the certificant will be dropped and considered as no longer certified by the SCRQSA.

What is the address for overnight mailing services? To send us an application overnight, please use the following address: SCRQSA, 1927 Thurmond Mall Suite 101, Columbia, SC 29201. Phone: (803) 771-6141 or  (877) 771-6141.

South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Association
P.O. Box 7515
Columbia, SC 29202
Office: 1927 Thurmond Mall Suite 101

Columbia, SC 29201

Toll-Free (877) 771-6141
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