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Welcome to the SCRQSA

The SC Radiation Quality Standards Association (SCRQSA) was created in 2000 by the
Medical Health and Radiation Safety Act. It is the mission of the SCRQSA to credential individuals qualified in the use of ionizing radiation to establish standards of patient care in the use of ionizing radiation.


In support of this mission, the SCRQSA will:

Currently, the SCRQSA has certified more than 10,000 radiographers.

Need to verify a SCRQSA certificate? Click here for our database. The database is updated every Friday afternoon.

click here to view the SCRQSA's updated statement on SPECT/PET/CT certification.



If you don’t have a copy of your current card, please contact ARRT at the # below and have a verification form faxed to us. This is an automated system

ARRT Automated Verification: Dial 651-687-0048, Extension 8901. Choose Option 1. You must provide two personal identifiers (e.g., your ARRT identification number, Social Security number, or date of birth).

You can either have the form fax to your office and your forward to us or you can have them fax it directly to us at fax # (803) 771-8048.

If you have moved within the last two years and have note completed a change of address form or updated your address with us, please do so immediately.

Please click below for the following documents of the SCRQSA:

Upcoming Continuing Education Programs 

SCSRT Annual Meeting

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The upcoming SCSRT Annual Meeting has been cancelled.


Please contact the SCRQSA at 877-771-6141 if you would like to promote upcoming continuing education courses. Notices can also be sent to

South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Association
P.O. Box 7515
Columbia, SC 29202
1927 Thurmond Mall, Suite 101 - Columbia, SC 29201
Toll-Free (877) 771-6141
(803) 771-6141  (803) 771-8048 Fax